My name is Steven Escamilla and I'm owner, designer, and craftsman at Escamilla Woodworking.  Being a self-taught woodworker since 2012 has allowed me to explore the craft and fine tune my skills. Along the way my passion for building furniture grew and, in turn, sparked a deep appreciation for the time honored techniques and the masterful skill that goes into making a truly fine, quality piece of furniture.  

  My goal, however, isn’t just to make custom furniture.  What I really want is to reintroduce that same appreciation and awareness of quality craftsmanship to the people around me; to you. Unfortunately, we live in a culture whose focus is on mass produced, cheaply made, low quality products.  As a result, this is what most people have come to expect.

  But you're not 'most people', are you? You know what it means to invest in fine craftsmanship; to have something created with your needs in mind that will last a life time and still look and feel as good as the day you bought it.  So, my advice to you: let your imagination be limitless. Let quality be your guide. Let Escamilla Woodworking get you there.

-Thank You-